I have a strong commitment to helping my clients with the sales process through to the end, and sometimes we have to remove roadblocks to get the deal done, this I love.


I was fortunate enough to achieve Lodge Gold Membership status and the prestigious award of Managers Choice for one of the most upcoming members of the Lodge sales team in my first year and have continued to grow my business, this proven by my being a Top 10 Residential Salesperson!

Peace of Mind

The majority of my business now comes from referrals from past or present clients and repeat business, proving my worth.


With a genuine passion for helping people and solving problems for my clients, I am committed to building long term relationships to support and advice as needed.


I strongly believe in treating clients as I wish to be treated myself, with respect, honesty, and integrity.


With 4 years in the real estate industry and prior to this 5 years on the Waikato Property Investors Association Committee, Jo has many connections.

What You Should Know About Jo

Hi I’m Jo Harris, and my team and I are looking forward to helping you sell or buy property in the vibrant Hamilton market.

I have been fortunate enough to achieve the prestigious Managers Choice Award for one of the most upcoming members of the Lodge sales team in my first year. Gold Membership status for four years running, and I am currently a Top 5 Salesperson.

We work with all aspects of owners and buyers from families and couples selling their homes to investors, first home buyers and developers. It is an honour to help so many clients with their sales and purchases, especially as in many instances we are dealing with your highest value asset. For the past 20 years I’ve bought, renovated, and sold real estate. We are firm believers in property as a worthy and reliable investment choice. We have an excellent eye on the detail while being mindful of the big picture and we possess an excellent work ethic, based on trust and reliability. 

We are family orientated, with a keen interest in personal property investment and DIY.  To enable us to provide a great service to our client’s health and fitness is an important focus. In recent times I have been successful in the sport of Dragon Boating, winning 3 gold medals in the regional championships on the back of winning the Premier Woman’s championships in 2016 and 2017! I continue to climb the Hakarimatas on a weekly basis.

Team work is important to us, allowing us to provide the best possible service and results for our clients.

We give you our firm commitment to producing great results and having loads of fun along the way!

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Waking up in the Waikato is the dream.

The Jo Harris & Co. Team

Jo Harris

Stephen Wang

Personal Assistant